Monday, April 20, 2015

Low-Carb Crustless Pizza Pocket

When I was a kid, I hated the crust on pizza.  It was always left on my plate long after I was done eating.  My kid is no different than I was.  She loves the ooey, gooey delicious "pizza" part of the pizza - and hates the crust.  That's sort of how this crustless pizza pocket was born.  It began as just a flat crustless pizza, but rolling it up made it easier to eat for smaller hands.  Of course, you could always keep this pizza flat if you like the traditional appearance of pizza.  This is also a great recipe when you don't have any pizza dough ready to go and just don't feel like preparing any.  It honestly doesn't get much quicker or easier than this!

    • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
    • pepperoni slices
    Pan Insert to Use: Base Unit

    Servings: 1

    1. Preheat grill. If using the Xpress Platinum, preheat at setting 2.
    2. Pour cheese into unit and spread evenly with spatula.  Top with pepperoni slices.

    3.  Once the edges begin to brown (about 2-3 minutes), start to "roll" the pizza up.

    4.  Continue rolling the pizza and when completely rolled, place on paper towels to drain for minute.

    5.  Let cool slightly before eating.

    Try adding other pizza toppings, too!  Use a tomato-based sauce as a dip!

    Saturday, April 11, 2015

    We Have a New Facebook Page!

    We now have an official Facebook page for the Redi-Set-Go Recipes Blog!!!  I know, it's LONG overdo...  Go "like" us now!

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    Monday, February 3, 2014

    EXPIRED! - March 2014 Giveaway

    Would you like to win the March 2014 Giveaway? How do you enter? Easy... all you have to do is be a public follower of this blog. This means, that you must follow the blog publicly in order to be eligible - otherwise I would have no way to contact you if you win! ;) To follow this blog publicly, you can use Google+ or Google Friend Connect (links are located in the menu on the right). Once you are listed as a public follower, you have automatically been entered into the random drawing. The winner will be announced on March 1, 2014 and will only have 72 hours in which to claim their prize. If you're afraid of missing the drawing, you can always sign up for email notifications. For further details, please see the "Terms & Conditions" section at the bottom of this post. This is the prize that the winner will receive:

    Xpress Redi-Set-Go Recipe Booklet:
    Cooking For One
    For those of you who own a GT Xpress 101, Xpress Redi-Set-Go, or an Xpress Platinum, you know that there are only a few ways to get recipes: (1) sign up for the "Easy Eatin' Recipe" club, (2) become an "Xpress Recipe Xchange" member, or (3) find recipes online from various sources.

    I happen to frequent thrift stores, and occasionally I am lucky enough to run across the recipe booklets from the "Easy Eatin' Recipe Club." That's where this little booklet came from. It's in very good condition. Even though the booklet is marked for the "Redi-Set-Go" grill, the recipes will work in the Xpress Platinum, and it looks like they will also work in the GT Xpress 101. :)

    Recipes Included in Booklet:
    Hawaiian Beef Burgers
    Chicken Fajitas
    "Fried" Salmon and Vegetable Rice
    Chicken Rolls with Cranberry Filling
    Island Spice Sesame Chicken
    Mexican Stuffed Peppers
    Couscous for 1
    Polynesian Chicken and Rice
    Biscuit, Diced Ham and Eggs
    Broccoli Ham Roll Ups
    Mini Pork and Potato Loaves
    Western Omelet (seen on the cover)
    Monster Grilled Sandwich
    Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin
    Italian Chicken Pizza Bake

    Terms & Conditions:
    One winner will be selected in a random drawing. No purchase necessary. This particular offer is only open to US residents. Only persons over the age of 18 are eligible, and you may be asked to provide proof of age or identity at any time. The offer ends on February 28, 2014 at midnight EST.  The winner will be announced on this blog and notified either through his/her Google+ profile (via Google Hangouts) or through email with instructions on how to redeem their prize.  The winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize - no exceptions. If the prize is not claimed within 72 hours, a new winner will be drawn. Odds of winning will depend upon the number of eligible entries. The prize may not be exchanged for money or money's worth. Winner assumes all liability for any injury and/or damage caused, or claimed to be caused by participation in this promotion or redemption of any prize.

    Have questions? Leave a comment!