Safety & Cleaning

Cleaning the Insertable Pans:
- Run in the dishwasher
- Wash gently with a soft sponge and dish soap
- If food is stuck on, soaking may be necessary

Cleaning the Grill Unit:
- Wipe with a damp sponge or cloth ONLY when unit is turned OFF
- Allow ample time to dry before using again

Safety Tips:
- Only use plastic utensils with the nonstick surfaces, metal will scratch
- Always use oven mitts when handling anything from your grill
- Unplug before cleaning
- Do not cook with lid open
- Do not move the unit while in use
- Supervise children when using
- Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and warnings
- Use common sense!


  1. why does the teflon flake off in droves!

  2. If your coating has started to flake, there are a few things you can do:
    (1) You can line your pan with aluminum foil and dispose of the foil when you are done. For more info see (2) You can purchase a new Redi-Set-Go unit if you have had yours for a while and it has been used "to death." (3) You can purchase the new Xpress Platinum, which I highly recommend because it has a MUCH better coating.

  3. Is it possible to just buy a new full round pan????

    1. Unfortunately, the Redi-Set-Go is no longer being made, and neither are the pans. My best advice is to check Ebay & Craigslist periodically and hope that one is posted in the future. You may be lucky enough to find one at a thrift store as well. But since they are no longer being produced, there isn't any particular place to get them.

  4. How about putting some research into making a Ready-Set-Go unit with the new ceramic coating. It might have to be a bit larger unit, but I would still certainly be interested in it.

    1. I would be interested as well! Unfortunately, it seems that they've officially ceased production on all the units. I don't think they will be making any more models.

    2. Good news! They have FINALLY made a copper-infused ceramic model!!! Check it out here: