Over the years, there have been a few different models of Xpress cookers available.  Here is a list of all of them to date, starting with the oldest.

GT Xpress 101
This is the very first model of Xpress cookers.  Its cooking surface is sectioned, limiting what can be cooked in it.  There is no ON/OFF switch; to turn the unit on, one must simply plug it in.  There is no timer and the pan inserts do not work with this model.

GT Xpress 101 Deluxe
This unit is practically the same as the previous model, the GT Xpress 101.  The only difference between the two is that the Deluxe model has double the cooking space.  There are 4 sections, instead of 2 that can be used to cook.

Xpress Redi-Set-Go
This is the most popular model to date.  It's also the "black sheep" of the Xpress cooker family, because it is the only unit that is red - the rest are silver.  It features a full round cooking surface, unlike its previous model, the GT Xpress 101 (which had a sectioned cooking surface).  This is the first model that included a timer and an ON/OFF switch.

Xpress Platinum
This is the most recent cooker to date.  It folds out completely so that 2 cooking surfaces may be used if desired, it features a removable timer, has a steamer and "boiler" option, and has the best nonstick coating surface thus far.  It also fits the pan inserts from the previous model, the Redi-Set-Go.


  1. Where can I get a replacement knob for my Redi Set Go?

    1. I think at this point Ebay might be your only option since they are no longer in production. I have personally never seen replacement knobs on Ebay, though. You may have to bite the bullet and buy a second unit, and then use it for spare parts. :/

  2. try looking at good will and other thrift stores. you might find a really cheap replacement.

  3. I have a Express Clycone (model 05-5443(hl-2070). It has a broken driven gear. It is in the cup base. do you have a parts book, I need fix it as it is a great part for food process.