Why I Love It

I love my Xpress Redi-Set-Go Indoor Grill because it is so versatile and so easy!  It is perfect for:
  • Portion-Control Cooking:  It cooks smaller portions, so you will eat smaller portions.
  • Meals Made Fast:  The time it takes to cook in the grill is comparable to a microwave.
  • Summer Cooking/Baking:  It will not heat up your entire kitchen (or worse, your home!).  Hurray to freshly baked cookies in the summer!
  • Easy Cleanup:  With smaller pans, comes smaller cleanup.
  • Couples:  Most of the recipes designed for this grill are appropriate for 2 individuals.
  • Singles:  Because most recipes are designed for 2 people, they can easily be halved, or the leftovers can be stored for a day or two.
  • College Students:  When you're away from home, you can still enjoy foods that taste like they're from home.
  • Seniors:  This grill is excellent for those who don't want to spend the extra energy cooking and/or baking.
  • Small Families:  It makes wonderful snacks and lunches for children.
  • Small Spaces:  Because the grill is compact, it is perfect for small homes, kitchens, or dorms.
  • Traveling / Vacation:  Instead of eating out at pricey restaurants for every meal, take along this little grill and buy sandwich supplies at a convenience store or gas station.  Only eat out once a day, and save yourself some money that you can spend on souvenirs instead.  :)
I can't really think of an example in which I wouldn't use my little miracle grill for everyday cooking or baking.  I may not use it for large groups of people; but then, that's not really "everyday" cooking to me.


  1. Love bringing this when skiing! Makes GREAT hot breakfast & lunch meals for a few dollars with easy to pack ingredients.
    So portable. Nice to have if you're not sure what appliances or kitchen will be available.

  2. I really enjoy my redisetgo. I can make a late snack, an easy supper anytime. EZ to use, simple to clean. Great way to use up leftovers, by putting them in omelettes or burritos.

  3. Can the manual with recipes be printed out?

    1. Yes. If you follow the link located here (https://redisetgorecipes.blogspot.com/2012/06/lost-your-instruction-manual.html), you can download a .PDF file and print it from any computer.