Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nachos for One

Holy moly!  It's been over a year since I've posted any new recipes!  It's been an incredibly busy year (I'll spare you the details), but I am back now, and I promise to try to post more regularly here.  Let's get to it then, shall we?  This recipe is so easy that a child could do it.  There's absolutely nothing to it, and there are so many variations that the flavor combinations are practically endless!  Sound like something you'd like to try?  Then give this recipe a go!

  • 2 small (about 6 inch size) corn tortillas
  • butter-flavored non-stick spray
  • salt, to taste

Pan Insert to Use: Base Unit

Servings:  1

1. Preheat grill. If using the Xpress Platinum, preheat at setting 2.
2.  Cut each tortilla into 8 chip-sized triangles.

3.  Spray all "chip" surfaces lightly with non-stick spray and salt to taste.
4.  Place 8 triangles into the grill (in circle formation), close lid, and cook for around 5 minutes (or until desired crispiness is reached).  Repeat with remaining 8 triangles.

5.  Top with preferred ingredients; if desired, pop in the microwave for 15-30 seconds to heat.

Try some of these delicious toppings:  chopped pimientos or jalapenos, black or green olives, sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa, refried beans, guacamole, tomato, mozzarella, pickles or relish, onions, nacho cheese sauce, bacon, chili, ground beef or turkey crumbles, cilantro, black beans, and the list goes on and on!

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